Buck Expert synthetic doe urine

Buck Expert synthetic doe urine


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To attract deer, many hunters choose synthetic urine due to its reliability, durability, disease prevention and respect for hunting ethics. It also allows hunters and wildlife observers to maximize their chances of observing or capturing deer while minimizing the risks to wildlife health and the legality of their activity. 

Buck Expert offers cutting-edge technology that optimizes use without risk of contamination for wildlife. It is so effective that even the deer's powerful sense of smell cannot distinguish it from real urine, while having the advantage of not evaporating as quickly as natural urine. In addition, this synthetic urine does not dilute on contact with water.

The benefits of synthetic urine:

  • Precise reproduction of hormonal signals, secretions, pheromones and musk emitted by white-tailed deer during the breeding season
  • Does not evaporate as quickly as natural urine
  • Does not dilute on contact with water

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