Pêche - Équipement de bateau (moteurs, sonar, etc)

Fishing - Boat accessories (life jacket, motors, sonars,+)


    In this section, we gather essentials that help make your fishing experience safer, more comfortable and more fruitful. aboard your boat.

    Among these you will find: 

    • life jackets, which keep you safe in an emergency by keeping you afloat.
    • electric motors ease your movement on the water, allowing you to explore different fishing areas without much effort.
    • lesson sonars are invaluable tools for spotting fish and locating the best places to cast your line.
    • bilge pumps help keep your boat water free
    • "downrigger" weighted line winches allow you to control the depth of your fishing line.
    With these accessories you can experience your outings on the water more enjoyable and unforgettable.