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At Ecotone, it is essential to surround ourselves with the best in the industry in order to allow us to maintain our quality standards and to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology in the products developed. Their involvement and their expertise play an important role in the development of our products since they provide serious and professional added value.

For us, an ambassador is more than a name...it's an extension of the banner, it's someone authentic in whom we believe and who grows in us, it's a partner who endorses our values ​​and our products, which conveys the image of the company and inspires both the enthusiasts with whom we work and those for whom we open our doors every day.

Jason Morneau

Jason Morneau

About Jason Morneau-Tremblay

“I have been a hunting enthusiast for over 15 years and specialize in moose hunting. I made the most beautiful sport in the world my job by guiding, training and entertaining the hunters of Quebec.

I am fueled by adrenaline and my favorite hunts are those where I can exchange calls, convince the coveted beast and approach it at very short distances. My secret, attention to detail. This is also why I am proud to collaborate with the Quebec company Sportchief for several years. The quality of their products is always up to my ambitions. We even developed together equipment dedicated to my hunting technique.

What luck ! »

A look back at Jason's journey and career

Jason Tremblay Morneau or " The beast ", is a formidable moose hunter. He has worked as a guide, columnist and trainer for several years. His methods, which have not only proven themselves, but also brought strong emotions to many hunting enthusiasts, have met with immense success in North America. Through his eponymous book, the author transports you to the world of "The Beast" and his passion for moose hunting.

Ambassador's name

Ambassador's name

Valérie, passionate about nature, shares her love for hunting and fishing. As an ambassador for Ecotone and Sportchief, she highlights the brand and aims to democratize these activities among women.
Originally from Abitibi, she hunts moose, bear, deer, turkey, and fishes for walleye and speckled trout.

His mentoring in bear hunting and the passing on of his passion bring him immense satisfaction. #Ecotone #Sportchief #Hunting #Fishing #Nature

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