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Discover the power of Tink's incense sticks which have been designed to attract rutting bull moose looking for a receptive female. The smoke releases an irresistible scent in the wind that clings to everything it touches, attracting traveling males.

Simply light a stick of incense which will burn without an open flame for approximately three hours, diffusing a fragrant smoke which will attach itself to grass, bushes, trees, creating an attractive path for males up at your post.

THE incense sticks Tink's are the ideal solution for hunting in very cold weather, where liquid baits may be less effective or difficult to use. Additionally, scent-laden smoke is more powerful than liquid bait, allowing animals to be attracted from a greater distance.

One installation is enough! A longer burn time means fewer trips to the station to light another stick on those long, frigid days.

  • These sticks burn for approximately three hours.
  • To install them, press them into the ground, avoiding touching the coated part, which can transfer the scent to your hands.
  • Light them by wrapping your hand around the top of the stick and bringing a flame close to it, without there being an open flame.
  • Place them against your hunting location and let the scent-laden smoke flow towards your shooting lanes.
  • Smoke travels further than traditional liquid baits.
  • These poles work even in very cold weather.
  • Package includes two (2) units.

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