Which reels to choose for speckled trout fishing?

Quels moulinets choisir pour la pêche à la truite mouchetée ?

Speckled trout fishing is an exciting activity that requires suitable equipment. The choice of reel is crucial to optimize your chances of success. In this article, we offer you an explanatory video with Phil Paradis, owner of an Ecotone banner in St-Pascal-de-Kamouraska, who will guide you in choosing the best reels for speckled trout fishing.

Explanatory Video

In this video, Phil Paradis presents the different reels from four major companies: Quantum, Zebco, 13Fishing and Pflugger.  There is something for all needs, all budgets and it describes the features and benefits including ambidextrous, brake, ratio, wire types, capacity, etc. 

The best reels for speckled trout fishing

Among a wide variety of reels on the market, Phil presents these which are more specifically targeted at speckled trout. 

Quantum Strategy

  • Features: Excellent durability, precise brake, high wire capacity.
  • Advantages: Suitable for experienced or novice anglers.
  • Price: Varied price range for all budgets, below $100. Excellent as a second item in reserve.
  • Several Quantum products available from your Ecotone merchant


  • Features: Ambidextrous design, easy to use, fast recovery ratio. 
  • Advantages: Ideal for beginners, attractive value for money. 
  • Price: Affordable and reliable. 
  • Several models at your Ecotone retailer


  • Features: High quality materials, advanced ergonomics, medium thread capacity.
  • Advantages: Perfect for fishermen looking for performance.
  • Price: Mid to high range, excellent investment.


  • Features: Powerful brake, robust construction, light weight.
  • Advantages: Great versatility, suitable for different types of fishing.
  • Price: Moderate to high price range.
  • The President / Lady President 

How to choose the right fishing reel?

The choice of reel depends on several factors:

  • Type of fishing: Fresh or salt water fishing, shore or boat fishing; trolling or jigging.
  • Budget: Define a price range.
  • Frequency of use: Occasional or regular use.
  • Personal preferences: Comfort, weight, design.

Phil Paradis recommends testing several models to find the one that best suits your needs.


With the advice of our Ecotone specialist Phil Paradis , you will be better equipped to choose the ideal reel for speckled trout fishing. Do not hesitate to visit your nearest Ecotone dealer for personalized advice and to discover the latest models available.

To find your nearest Ecotone dealer: click here  https://zone-ecotone.com/pages/magasins