Minn Kota “Terrova 80/WR” electric motor
Minn Kota “Terrova 80/WR” electric motor

Minn Kota “Terrova 80/WR” electric motor


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What makes Terrova® so popular? Providing unparalleled boat control, this Minn Kota engine features the most advanced GPS system, Spot-Lock® and the power to tackle any water, with effortless storage and deployment. This is what makes this engine one of the most reliable, efficient and proven on the water.

In general: 

  • Height 60"
  • Propulsion force: 80 lbs
  • 24 volts
  • Pure water
  • Stow/Deploy Lever: Press this lever on the mount to effortlessly lower your electric motor into the water using retractable ramps. When it's time to move, Auto Park simplifies engine storage by automatically positioning the lower unit in the optimal storage position.

  • Advanced GPS Trolling System: Recognized as the most reliable navigation system in fishing, Terrova uses GPS to operate your electric motor with unmatched features that keep you on the fish. Features include Spot-Lock, track recording, speed and direction control, and more. Minn Kota simplifies boat positioning and control, allowing you to take commands from the Terrova remote's wireless LCD screen.

  • Part of the Single Onboard Network: Minn Kota motors are equipped with all the necessary components to connect to certain Humminbird fishfinders. Through the One-Boat Network app on Apple® or Android™ devices, you can seamlessly link and control your electric motor, shallow water anchor and fishfinder.

  • "Spot-Lock with Jog": Spot-Lock maintains your position with unmatched GPS accuracy, allowing you to stay directly above productive fishing spots without manual adjustments to your electric motor. Using the included direction sensor, Jog allows you to move your Spot-Lock location five feet in any direction.

  • Drift Mode: This innovative feature automatically combines speed and heading control, eliminating the need for anglers to depend on drift socks, auxiliary motors or manual operations to manage speed on the water, even in unfavorable wind and current conditions.

  • Real-Time Battery Monitoring: Monitor battery power levels while the engine is running, displaying real-time “time to empty” information, with notification when the Battery power drops to 20%, prompting users to activate Eco mode, which reduces current consumption to extend battery life.

  • Digital Maximizer™ : Delivers up to five times more runtime on a single battery charge. These variable speed electric motors allow you to precisely adjust the speed, providing only the power needed to save battery power for a full day of fishing.

  • Weedless Wedge™ 2 Propeller: Featuring tapered, backward-angled blades to effortlessly maneuver through obstacles without draining the battery, the Weedless Wedge™ 2 is widely loved in the fishing world.

  • Indestructible Composite Shaft — Guaranteed for Life: The heart of your Minn Kota electric motor is its indestructible composite shaft, exclusive to Minn Kota, and backed by a lifetime warranty.

  • Heel-Toe Electric Pedal: With a streamlined design, this pedal offers two steering options: heel-toe pedal and left/right direction buttons. It includes Spot-Lock activation, a rotary speed control dial, momentary/constant switch, AutoPilot on/off switch, and 18-foot cable with waterproof connector.

  • Included: Terrova 80 lb engine. 60", Wireless Remote Control, Neck Strap, Steering Sensor, MKP-33 Propeller and Mounting Hardware.

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