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Crossbow 'Dagger™ 405' - Centerpoint


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Discover the "Dagger 405" hunting crossbow is equipped with the best stealth system available. CenterPoint Archery's "Whisper Silencing System" technology eliminates major sources of vibration. 

With limb dampeners and string silencers, this stealthy black crossbow stops your target from reacting before it's too late. Its frame designed for hunters allows comfortable maneuverability over rough terrain, perfectly aligning the bow with your line of sight.

This CenterPoint pack includes:

  • Whisper Silencing System: Rope stops, branch dampeners and rope silencers for increased stealth and stability.
  • 15" axle to axle, fully armed: Classic frame designed for hunters, offering performance and ease of transport.
  • CNC machined aluminum rail and cam system: For smooth shooting and precise placement.
  • Ball Retention Spring: Unique design for consistent arrow tension without interfering with the cocking cycle.
  • 220 lb Draw Weight: Delivers the energy needed for impressive speeds of 405 fps.
  • Complete accessory set: 4x32 illuminated telescope, parallel quiver, cocking rope, rail lubricant and three 20" .003 arrows.


  • Whisper Silencing System technology: Reduces vibrations and noise for maximum discretion.
  • Optimized maneuverability: Frame designed for easy handling on difficult terrain.
  • Smooth and precise shooting: CNC machined aluminum rail and cam system for consistent shots.
  • Consistent arrow tension: Unique ball retention spring for uniform arrow tension.
  • High performance: 220 lb draw weight allowing speeds of 405 fps to be reached.
  • Complete accessory pack: Includes everything needed for immediate use.

Technical Specifications

  • Speed: 405 fps
  • Poids de Traction : 220 lb
  • Axle to axle width: 15" (fully armed)
  • Accessories Included: 4x32 illuminated scope, parallel quiver, cocking rope, rail lubricant, three 20" .003 arrows

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