How to Choose the Perfect Target for Archery and Crossbow Shooting

Comment choisir la cible idéale pour le tir à l'arc et l'arbalète

Whether you are passionate about archery or crossbow shooting, choosing the right target is essential to improve your accuracy and shooting experience. Discover the different types of targets, their specific uses, and how they can meet your needs. Our video capsule will serve as a guide to help you make the right choice. Watch our video with Dan Lavoie for expert advice. 

A text from Dan Lavoie, Ecotone and Sportchief ambassador

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Understanding the different types of targets

  1. Targets for intensive practice

If you do a lot of practice, pocket style targets are a great option. They are durable and designed to withstand plenty of shots, making them ideal for intensive training sessions.

  1. Targets for shooting adjustment with broadheads

For those who wish to practice and make shooting adjustments with broadheads, urethane targets are recommended. They offer better resistance and allow you to practice with the same equipment as that used when hunting.

  1. Realistic targets for an authentic experience

For a more realistic experience, opt for animal-style targets. These targets mimic animals, which can improve your accuracy and preparation for real-life hunting situations.

The power of modern crossbows

Modern crossbows are extremely powerful, often capable of exceeding 500 feet per second. For these powers, it is crucial to choose suitable targets in order to guarantee security and sustainability.

Targets T400 and T500

  • T400 : more suitable for archery, this target is designed for moderate power bows. It is less durable against powerful crossbows but easier to remove arrows.
  • T500 : Ideal for powerful crossbows, this target offers superior durability and is designed to withstand high-velocity impacts.

Unloading a crossbow safely

Unloading a crossbow can be a tricky task, especially for beginners. It is therefore important to have the appropriate equipment to do so safely.

Unloading targets

  • Model T10: a small unloading target, perfect for quick and secure use.
  • Urethane Minicube: Another great option for unloading your crossbow. This model is durable and easy to use.


Choosing the right target depends on your type of weapon (bow or crossbow), the frequency of your practice, and your specific needs in terms of shooting adjustment and realism. Whether you're a novice or an expert, there's a target for every situation. With that, I wish you an excellent hunting season!

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