Guide to choosing your backpack, your ally for your outings

Guide comment choisir son sac à dos, votre allié pour vos sorties

Are you looking for a backpack for your outdoor activities, hunting or fishing, it is important to choose a model that will meet your needs specific. So to choose the ideal backpack, it is important to consider the following five characteristics based on your business and your needs.

Text and photos by Valérie Gauthier, Sportchief and Ecotone ambassador


1. Determine the size and capacity of your fishing or hunting backpack
The size and capacity of the backpack depends on the duration of your activity and the amount of equipment you need to carry. Make sure the bag has enough capacity to carry everything you need for your excursion.

2. Think about comfort first
Comfort is essential for a successful excursion. Make sure the backpack fits well and does not slip when you move. The shoulder straps should be padded and adjustable to distribute the weight evenly across your shoulders for optimal comfort.

3. The choice of materials
The materials used to make the backpack must be strong and durable, they are designed to protect your equipment against the elements such as rain, snow and dust . This ensures that your equipment remains in good condition during your outings. Commonly used materials are nylon, polyester and Cordura.

4. Pay attention to the number of compartments
The compartments of the backpack must be numerous enough to store all your equipment and accessories. Zipped compartments are recommended to prevent items from falling out. This makes it easy to find what you need without having to dig through your bag.

5. The little extras of a good fishing backpack
Accessories such as side pockets, water bottle holders, compression straps and fishing rod holders may be useful depending on your activity. In short, backpacks are very versatile and can be used for a wide variety of activities and are wise investments for your activities, take the time to evaluate your needs and happy shopping!

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