2024 fishing season: the best news and trends

Saison de pêche 2024 : les meilleures nouveautés et tendances

The summer season is fast approaching, and with it comes the excitement of anglers looking for the latest news and trends in fishing. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a curious amateur, dive in with us to discover the 2024 fishing news. 

Fishing news : equipment and lures

This year, there are new products and innovations in the lure industry! More precisely, different shapes of soft lures are offered, in addition to being available in a multitude of colors. Among these, Philippe Paradis, owner of Ecotone St-Pascal-de-Kamouraska , presents the new series of CrushCity TM multi-species lures, a must-have according to him. This series was developed by Jacob Wheeler Rapala, who found a way to produce a range of soft lures that takes the actions likely to trigger attacks even further. T he walleye or bass fisherman has every advantage in testing these new products which have the potential to undoubtedly provide strong emotions. 

Other companies that will offer great lures for your new fishing season are Normark, Livingston, Pure Fishing, BaitFuel and Zman. The latter, recognized for the quality of its rubbers, offers us a new range of “micro” lures which must be tried by trout fishing enthusiasts. 

In addition, this company made a lot of noise during the ICAST 2024 event in Orlando (United States): the “ Rattle-Snaker ”. Creating a small revolution in itself, the Rattle-Snaker “is a device which makes it possible to turn any soft lure into a noisy lure and which will emit sounds in the water, by the clicking of the balls” , explains Philippe Paradis . With this addition, the excitement created by the colliding beads could just be that little extra that gets your fish biting when the fishing is tougher. 

Another company that should catch your attention during your next visit to your Ecotone dealer is the Livingston company.  Specializing in swimming fish, Livingston made its reputation by developing sound lures.  Upon contact with water, the lures emit sound waves that imitate the sound of prey in distress. If you have never tried it before, don't miss it this season to experience great fishing!

Also, for all fishermen who use olfactory lures, the BaitFuel company is innovating with its “BaitFuel Injector” injection syringe.  You will now be able to insert odors inside the soft lures and significantly prolong its dispersion.

François Massicote, owner of Ecotone Repentigny , also recommends this fishing novelty. Also, he strongly directs us towards the soft case for Ecotone fishing rods. Although this element is not new to fishing in 2024 per se, it was a “ hit ” last year. According to these two enthusiasts, this will be the case again this year. Holding up to four fishing rods, it allows you to store several types of rods in one case, making it very versatile. In addition, it opens completely to facilitate the insertion of rods. It also has side pockets to store your accessories, and a carrying strap. Perfect for practicing different types of fishing!

Finally, 2024 is the year of Pure Fishing in the fishing rod category... “The entire Fenwick product family has been revamped. In fact, the Eagle, HMG, Elite and World Class models have been redesigned from A to Z by integrating materials that are at the cutting edge of technology and offering a much finer grip. All Ecotone merchants agree that Fenwick products stand out once again. 

Fishing news clothing

In terms of clothing, some very practical new items are also added to the already available offering. 

Among others, the new Ecotone fishing sweater, with an integrated neck warmer and hood. This way, you will be comfortable during your fishing trips, even if the temperature is cooler. According to Philippe Paradis, this item is“a must-have”.

Another interesting new feature: an anti-UV sweater with a mosquito net integrated into the hood. Ideal for protecting yourself from insects in summer! 

This collaboration between Sportchief and Connec has made it possible to offer an innovative product, 100% Quebec design, responding to the reality of Quebec... flies!  Go into your Ecotone and take care to look at the transparency of the incorporated head net and compare it with the competition.

Novelty or not, dressing well on a fishing trip is essential to having a good time and capturing great memories. Why not take advantage of the latest advances that make clothing even more comfortable? After all, you'll have a much better day if you look good in your fishing gear. 


Fishing trend

A marked trend that Ecotone Granby employee Marc-Antoine Lapointe is noticing is fishing on screen. Although radar technology has been around for a long time, the trend now is toward real-time imaging. 

“It’s quite impressive, you can see the schools of fish and the lure falling, so you can adapt the lure depending on how the fish react,” he explains. 

As more and more people fish this way, companies are looking to adapt by creating custom products. For example, lures that can be seen on screen. According to him, this is a trend that we will hear about more and more. 

Even more fishing news (and advice)

Obviously, there are a lot of new things in fishing every year. To discover them all, the best option is to go to your nearest Ecotone store.  

In addition to having access to a wide variety of fishing articles, new or not, you will also be able to benefit from the knowledge of fishing enthusiasts and experts. Indeed, in each store, the entire team is happy to take the time to advise customers and answer their questions. 

Valérie Gauthier, Ecotone ambassador and fishing enthusiast, recalls the importance of “going to the store, asking for advice and getting all the information you need to be well equipped. “Ecotone stores are equipped to advise us, we must not be afraid to ask,” concludes the fisherman and the first female ambassador of Ecotone. 

What will be the first new thing you will see in store ?

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