My “Favourites” discoveries of shampoos!

Mes découvertes « Coups de coeur » de shampoings!

Let's talk about shampoo and the importance of odors!

What could be more refreshing than a good shampoo and its excellent smell that emerges afterwards. Pleasant smells can be harmful when outdoors or hunting. It is not always easy to completely conceal human odor, but by using the right products, it is possible to make a big difference in limiting our olfactory traces.

That's why I had the idea to tell you about my "Coups de coeur" products that I tested.

First, I discovered the company Traktiq, a Quebec company, which offers a multitude of products, such as antiperspirants, lip balms, soaps, shampoos and much more... but let's stay on topic...for their shampoos, they have developed an anti-mosquito shampoo with odors Lemongrass: Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, camping or fishing. Why not put the odds on our side and avoid getting eaten by those damn mosquitoes! After trying it, I was pleasantly surprised with the result without having used mosquito repellent.

For hunting enthusiasts, they have also created a shampoo, but this time with a conifer scent. A smell that I personally love! What could be better and practical than to feel the essence of nature to go in nature. It is available in liquid, but my favorite is certainly the one in bars. It is eco-friendly, small to carry and easy to use. 

Passionate about hunting, I always look for products that will please me and conceal my odors as much as possible. Although I love the smell of conifers, I also asked myself the question… Isn't it better not to smell anything in the end? Our smells are very perceptible by the highly developed sense of smell of game.

The expectations that we generally have are very simple about shampoos, whether it is cleansing, moisturizing and in this case for hunting, and although it is odorless, an asset for hunters.

The company Extreme C.G., was able to combine these three criteria. Their "2 in 1" shower gel shampoos are odorless, it is perfect for camouflaging your hair and body odors, regardless of the essence of the forest that surrounds you.

Despite the excellent hydration of my hair, it still needs extra hydration at all times.

To my great satisfaction! It also offers an odorless conditioner, very moisturizing and which facilitates detangling. A perfect complement for all women like me who have long hair. In short, a perfect duo!

We are really lucky to have several Quebec companies developing products for us. I also want to introduce you to a third one!

The company Rose Panache also offers a nice variety of products. More and more, companies care about the environment and it's for the best! Rose Panache shampoo is available in liquid, it also exists in bar, with a beautiful flower-shaped look in reference to their name. Easy to use, just wet your hair, lather by rubbing the bar in your hair and then rinse. The bar shampoo is not only good for the environment with no plastic packaging, it is easy to use only the amount needed, thus avoiding waste. The product contains silk protein and is suitable for all hair types. A great company to discover!

The last products that I tested and that caught my attention were products from the Quebec company Poules des Bois. Their bar shampoo is absolutely amazing. In addition, they also offer the conditioner bar. Wow I love it! Such an essential for long, dry hair. In addition, both products take up so little space that they allow you to bring a few extra products one in your luggage!

Dry shampoo – The troubleshooting solution!

Do you have a problem with oily and shiny hair, and this, the next day?

Nothing more unpleasant! Especially when we are in a place where the frequency or the place does not allow us to do it as easily as at home, hunting or camping. Without going into great detail, several factors can cause this oily hair problem, for example: hormonal imbalances, too frequent washes, perspiration and many others... in my opinion, I don't think anyone wants to restrict themselves in their leisure for these unfortunate details.

Here is a nice alternative without putting your hair in the shower every day. Poules des Bois has created a dry, odorless shampoo that neutralizes sebum secretions in order to space out hair washes. In powder form, it is quick and easy to use. It really is a nice addition to their product lines!

As you know, we often talk about the importance of silent clothing and camouflage to fool game, although its details are very useful and not to be overlooked, I find it equally important to camouflage its smells well. So, here are companies with excellent products that allow you to better integrate your environment in which you operate. I loved them and will definitely use them again! I invite you to discover them in your turn, it is up to you to make your choice according to your needs. 

Happy washing!

Valerie Gauthier