Valérie Gauthier: ambassador for Ecotone and Sportchief

Valérie Gauthier : ambassadrice pour Ecotone et Sportchief

I am a big nature lover! 

Every day, I live from my passion. I think of hunting, I dream of fishing, I project myself into an outdoor activity. All these activities are omnipresent in my life! These passions lead me to the most beautiful places on the planet and make me live so many great adventures! It is also for this reason that I love the company Sportchief. The brand's clothing provides me with unparalleled comfort and protection against all weather conditions, regardless of the time of year.

New ambassador

Since spring, I have been part of the big Ecotone and Sportchief family! I intend to promote the banner and the brand wherever I go. I also want to democratize hunting and fishing for women! I am very proud to be part of the team!  

Who I am ?

I am from Abitibi, a region where I can make the most of my favorite game, moose! I have several harvests under my belt from this magnificent king of the forest! 

I have a strong interest in bear hunting and love taking the time to observe their behavior. I had the chance to mentor and introduce many people to this hunt. Transmitting my knowledge and my passion makes his moments even more incredible. Passion lives in me, but passing it on allows me to realize all the joy and satisfaction that these new hunting enthusiasts experience! I also hunt deer, turkey and grouse. As soon as the opportunity arises, I take out my fishing gear to tease walleye and speckled trout.

For the past few years, I have been an ambassador for the Bête de Chasse team for the hunting and fishing film tour. As an ambassador, I had the opportunity to acquire a lot of knowledge during training, in addition to obtaining several other advantages! I am also part of the "prostaff" team of the company Extrêmes C.G.

I am a woman in this great world of hunting and fishing! I feel in my place and I am ready to take up all the challenges, to acquire new knowledge and to live unforgettable experiences.

I hope to be a model who will inspire all women who wish to live such adventures in the wonderful world of hunting and fishing!

Let's go les girls ! 

Valerie Gauthier
Ecotone and Sportchief Ambassador