13 Fishing "Defy" Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
13 Fishing "Defy" Fishing Rod and Reel Combo
13 Fishing "Defy" Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

13 Fishing "Defy" Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


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Meet the Defy Black Gen II Spinning Rod, an engineering marvel designed for anglers with a passion for 13 Fishing.

With 24 ton Japanese PVG construction and Evolve Alconite stainless steel guides, this rod offers exceptional performance and unrivaled durability. Equipped with the Evolve Snaggle Tooth hook retainer and a high-density Japanese EVA handle, it ensures a comfortable grip and optimal responsiveness. 

Characteristics of the fishing rod

  • Length: 6' 7" - or 7' - 1 and 2 pieces
  • Power: medium - Fast action
  • 7 ball bearings
  • Carbon brake system
  • MCS – Magnetic Control System
  • 24 ton Japanese PVG blank construction
  • Evolve Alconite Stainless Steel Guides
  • Evolve Snaggle Tooth Hook Support
  • Evolve's Seamless Custom Reel Seat
  • High-density Japanese EVA split handle
  • CGE1 blank construction (crank)
  • Evolve snag-free hook hold (crank)
  • Evolve Engage Reel Seat (Soft Lure)
  • Evolve Foxhole Hook Hold (Soft Lure)

Reel: Origin F1

The F1 takes the lead in its reel category, with its sleek, low profile design it stands out from outdated reel models. Its Venti 20LB 6 Disc carbon brake system works in conjunction with the Instant Stop anti-reverse system to provide all the power needed and eliminate any hope of escape before shooting. The F1 offers features never before seen in its class, such as the Arrowhead Casting System, and the Beetle Wing Side-plate which allows for quick spool swaps. If you're looking for more for less, this 7-bearing reel claims the top spot on the podium.

Key features of the reel

  • Side-Plate Beetle Wing
  • Venti 20LB 6 Disc Carbon Brake System
  • MCS Magnetic Control System
  • Instant Stop anti-reverse
  • Arrowhead Casting System
  • 7 ball bearings in total
  • Compatible with Trick Shop

 Articles from an Ecotone expert

#447580-100-101 - Reel: OF1-8.1-RH-CP or OF1-8.1-LH-CP 
# 447513-100-101 - Canne # DEFBS70H2 / DB2C67M 

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