Collection Jason Tremblay Morneau "Bête de Chasse"

Jason Tremblay Morneau “The Hunting Beast” Collection

Discover the new must-have hunting sets “The Hunting Beast" edition Jason Tremblay Morneau, made in a revolutionary fabric ensuring absolute silence for fluid and discreet movements in the forest.

The resounding success of these sets is now enhanced by the long-awaited introduction in March 2024 of Camo The Ripper, offering exceptional camouflage to blend seamlessly into your surroundings whilst providing an undeniable touch of style. This combination combines performance and elegance for demanding hunters.

The ripper camo (024) and the black camo with The Ripper accent (100) are both intended for hunting in mild temperatures so they are perfect for hunting, among other things. hunting turkeys, bears, moose and even more! 

Now, discover 2 new camouflages from Jason Tremblay Morneau's “The Hunting Beast" collection for even more exciting hunts. Explore Jason Tremblay Morneau's "“The Hunting Beast"" collection, renowned for its silent fabric, a considerable advantage for a successful hunt.

Practical additions have been added to improve the hunting experience by minimizing extraneous noise: toque, face covering, safety vest and gloves with cut ends.

We invite you to have your own experience with this collection.