The little practical guide to choosing the right urinal for women

Le petit guide pratique pour bien choisir un urinoir pour femme

Among all the activities that we can do on a daily basis, whether at the hunting, fishing, during a sports or outdoor activity, we women are at a disadvantage when we want to urinate in the toilet, unlike men. I was caught off guard for a long time, but not anymore. Let me share with you my test bench with portable urinals.

A text of Valérie Gauthier, Ecotone Collaborating Ambassador

Not easy to pee in nature by being discreet. Luckily "the girls", I discovered that there are a variety of urinals for women. Here are the results of my tests to help you choose the right female urinal, the practical and essential tool. I had the chance to test four different models of female urinals in order to enlighten you on the one that would suit you best. I also give you some tips to make your experience more enjoyable. 


Rigid plastic urinal (Liber-T from Buck Expert)

This first model of female urinal that I am going to tell you about is the rigid plastic one, the Liber-T from Buck Expert. This object is narrow and small in size so it stores discreetly and is easy to use. I would describe it as practical and durable. It slips into your tote easily, you can use it in public restrooms or wherever you go. Think practical with tissues. 


Cardboard Disposable Urinal (Brand: FST)

The second model of female urinal that I tried is the cardboard one from FST. This model, which stores in a very small place, is an excellent convenience store for those who do not want to need to clean the urinal. Although it is practical, there is no splash guard. Personal opinion: if you have a big craving, manage your flow to avoid a tsunami (!).


Portable urinal with tank (brand: Awoken)

The third portable urinal model is the one with an Awoken brand reservoir. This model is very practical for me during my hunting expeditions where I am installed for long hours in my cache. This model with tank avoids leaving odors, so increases my chances of success! 



The GOGIRL in silicone (brand: Gogirl)

The last model of portable female urinal that I used is a silicone model. The GoGirl adapts well to the physiognomy of women thanks to its flexibility. With its anti-splash rim, it is almost impossible to get wet with your urine. And it stores easily in a small container that fits in your hand. It is also possible to add an extension. Convenient, among other things, for boat fishing enthusiasts. 


In conclusion   

Following my tests, I have some practical advice for you ladies. First of all, regardless of the model, I strongly suggest that you try it out in order to be comfortable when the time comes. And here, I speak from experience, because the first time I used it... I was never able to urinate despite my excruciating urge to pee. We were on a boat and there were no toilets. I was afraid of splashing on it. Second, it is very important to check the direction of the wind. Finally, I advise you to bring a bottle of water and tissues to rinse the device after use and then wash it when you return. 

Say goodbye to barriers! 

So! No matter which model of portable urinal you are going to use, you will no longer have any barriers! Finally, modern freedom. This handy little object can be used in all places, whether unsanitary, public toilets, in nature, rest stops, when traveling, in a boat, hunting, in a cache, and many more! It remains to be seen which one suits you best. Don't forget my tip number 1! 

Peeing like a man in a chic way is now possible. It is an indispensable tool that now follows me everywhere during my outings. Add this practical tool to your equipment and discover a new way to live your experiences with peace of mind and confidence. Say goodbye to inconvenience and live your adventures unfettered: the freedom to break free without the worries of getting your ass exposed! To try it is to adopt it. 

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