Your hunting and fishing zone

Founded in 2007, Ecotone is now Canada’s largest hunting and fishing retail group, with over 60 stores in urban centers and small towns across Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick. Over the years, Ecotone has acquired outstanding expertise to bring you the best products on the market—tried and tested products that hunters and anglers recommend.

But most of all, Ecotone is a place where nature and wildlife enthusiasts can share their passion for the outdoors. Our specialists aren’t just knowledgeable, they also love what they do. As skilled hunters and anglers themselves, they’ll help you find the right products for your needs so you can make the most of your sport. At Ecotone, we want every customer to feel the same way they feel when they’re out hunting or fishing: excited and satisfied. And we’re proud to bring those feelings to life in a store near you.

What is an ecotone?

An ecotone is an ecological transition zone between two ecosystems, e.g., between prairie and forest. Ecotones are more biologically rich and diverse than the ecosystems they separate, and can even help repopulate them on occasion. Ecotone is where hunting and fishing enthusiasts can come together to share their passion and find a rich and diverse array of products essential to their sport.

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